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    Marine fire-resistant glass (National standard GB 15763-1995)
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    The fire-resistant property and other physical properties of the marine fire-resistant glass are tested according to GB 15763, and a piece of tempered safe glass with thickness of T 1 is attached to the structural glass. In addition to the fire resistant property, ultraviolet resistant property is another most important criterion. Our glass also has the property of anti-aging, easy- cleaning and good transparency with test result 81.4 %( A 60).

    Fire resistant glass-manufacturer’s standard

    1. High temperature resistant: +95℃

    2. Low temperature resistant:-20℃、-30℃、-50℃

    3. UV resistant: 300 hours

    4.Maximum size: 2000mmX1500mm ,Other specifications according to the national standard.

    5.Good performance: mature and stable. Ensuring worldwide durable using under any circumstance.