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    Fire-resistant glass passed Japan RIME test
    作者: 更新时间:2014-08-05

    On July 25, 2014, Our marine fire-resistant glass passed Japanese RIME test in Japan which requires the glass  not only to pass the fire resistance test, but also maintain intact in a destructive test in which the glass will be at temperature 960 ℃ - 970 ℃ and endure 0.6Mpa water pressure . The success of the test opened the door of export market of high-end products.

    Fire resistant glass-manufacturer’s standard

    1. High temperature resistant: +95℃

    2. Low temperature resistant: -50℃

    3. UV resistant: 300 hours

    The temperature is absolute temperature, ensuring worldwide durable using under any circumstance.

    Test process:




    Fire resistance test

    Hydraulic impact test